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Battery Module

Battery Up!

battery performance testingThermal management is one of the most critical aspects of lithium-ion battery performance testing. ThermoAnalytics’ Battery Module is custom-engineered to help OEMs and suppliers test, experiment and validate a battery’s thermal management optimisation virtually, eliminating time, expense and risk in the process.

In collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), we have developed a coupled thermal-electric model for battery cells and packs, and implemented it into our existing thermal modelling software, TAITherm. This technology applies transient analysis to provide true measurements of real-world predictability, and can mean the difference between mere testing and actual validation.

Thermal Analysis - battery module

With the ability to virtually test a battery system in all kinds of real-world environments, as well as all kinds of usage scenarios, and measure how they respond and perform over time, you can reliably move forward with new battery technologies with greater confidence by knowing how well it works before it is even taken to market. 

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