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TAITherm Thermal Modelling Software

See the entire problem. Design the complete solution. TAITherm is the industry’s most complete and flexible thermal modelling software, one that predicts the full range of temperature distribution...

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TAIThermIR Infrared Thermal Simulation Software

Speed. Flexibility. Precision. Ease. TAIThermIR is one of the world’s most advanced infrared and thermal simulation software, empowering infrared analysts or specialists to perform complete,...

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Human Thermal Module

Get Comfortable with New Technology. It’s one thing to understand how efficiently and effectively a given environment can arrive at and maintain 74 degrees, but quite another to understand how...

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Battery Module

Battery Up! Thermal management is one of the most critical aspects of lithium-ion battery performance testing. ThermoAnalytics’ Battery Module is custom-engineered to help OEMs and suppliers test,...

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